It’s been a long time!

I’m not really sure how many people this will reach. It has been so long since I last wrote and I had intended to do a lot more updates than I have.

When I realised how long it had been I felt I should at least come here and give a sort of conclusion! Then see where we go from there.


Since I last wrote in September there have been many changes and huge life events for my partner and I. I am currently 32, nearly 33 weeks pregnant with a little boy. It has been the most incredible blessing to get pregnant and although the pregnancy has been quite challenging for me with various physical health pains, I am still blessed with a baby that so far is growing very well (currently weighing an estimated 5lbs!!). So I really can’t wait for this September when he will hopefully make his safe arrival in to the world.

One of my biggest fears in the past was that social services would want to be heavily involved due to my past and actually it’s turned out not to be the case at all which has been amazing. I was referred to them by the mental health team but social services actually acknowledged that I was fully in to my recovery and that my past should be allowed to be my past. Of course if anything were to change, they would become involved but it’s been lovely to have that recognition of how far forward I have come. My mental health team are still involved but very loosely and are just keeping an eye after the baby is born because of course hormones can change a lot! The plan though is that if it all stays stable after the baby is born, I can be in discharged within 6 months.

Another huge thing is that my partner and I got married in May. It was a fantastic day. We chose in the end to have a small but intimate wedding and it was completely perfect for us.

Since January it really has all been go, go, go!!

Thank you so much for all your comments before and also I’m sorry if I missed any comments lately – I’ve just seen one when I logged in asking how I am and I’m very sorry I didn’t see it sooner.

Lots of love,

Lucy x

3 thoughts on “It’s been a long time!

  1. What a lovely update to read. It’s so nice to hear from you and with such happy news. Congratulations on your marriage and your pregnancy. Xx

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